Nicolaus Copernicus’ House in Toruń – new standard of interactive presentations

The contest ‘Kultura w sieci’ (Culture in Web) held by National Centre for Culture inspired ‘Nicolaus Copernicus’ Interactive House’ project. It was announced as a part of combat against the effects of COVID-19 pandemics and among other things consisted in digitalisation of cultural facilities. The project primarily responds to the necessity of popularising culture and museum collections during pandemics and reduced activity of museum facilities.  As a company involved in digitalising facilities in Kuyavian-Pomeranian Voivodeship, NewmediaVR could show its professionalism and engage in ‘Kultura w sieci’ projects. 

We are convinced that Nicolaus Copernicus’ Interactive House will define new standards in VR presentations. This is the only such project which allows the viewer to simultaneously enjoy amazing quality of image and listen to the guide, broaden his knowledge thanks to narrators and perform a series of interactions by himself. 

The work on project began in June 2020 by creating a pre-deployment analysis which included all client’s expectations, specific locations of panoramas, and a list of interactions and additional elements, like additional pictures, written information and audio, as well as additional videos depicting showpieces.  Our intention was to reflect the full visitor’s path and additionally allow visitors to check all interactions available in the museum.

Taking pictures, which took place in July, required high discipline and following the guidelines by us and people taking part in the presentation. The material showing preparations, photos and making-off video are available here.

Please find below the most important elements of the presentation:

  1. a guide in presentation (a key component in presentations of this type) can attract attention, convey essential knowledge or show the most important elements in a given room




    1. presentation of clothes from old times

  • additional elements in presentation (2D photos and videos with additional information).

There are also several surprising, hidden interactions. Did you see blinking Copernicus?

See the whole presentation.

The presentation is also available in English version which significantly extends reach of the project and allows broad group of audience to learn about Copernicus’ life.

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