„Culture in range 2.0” – seventeen treasures of the province.

At the end of June 2020, we completed a project for the Kujawsko-Pomorskie Voivodship within the “Culture in Range 2.0” program. On the specially created site you can find virtual walks around seventeen treasures of the province. The project started before the Covid-19 pandemic, and now you can enjoy this project sitting on your sofa. You will find there:

@Miejskie Centrum Kultury w Bydgoszczy Teatr im. Wilama Horzycy w Toruniu Muzeum Ziemi Pałuckiej Pałac Ostromecko Muzeum Solca im. księcia Przemysła Barka Lemara Mogileński Dom Kultury @Muzeum Ziemi Kujawskiej i Dobrzyńskiej we Włocławku Muzeum Historii Włocławka Muzeum w Brodnicy Wojewódzka i Miejska Biblioteka Publiczna im. dr. W. Bełzy w Bydgoszczy Muzeum Oświaty w Bydgoszczy #newmediaVR Narodowe Centrum Kultury

House in Miękowo

Interactive presentation of the House in Miękowo was made for our partner, Merkadom – real estate agency.

This is the first real estate interactive presentation in Poland, where we’ve provided a lot of innovative solutions.

First of all, you can find there two people who are the guides in this presentation. They tell you the most important facts about property, show you main places in the house and invite you to explore these spaces.

You are able to make a lot of interactions, for example: turn on/off light, turn on fireplace or check bathroom solutions. All of this with excellent quality. This presentation works on your mobile phone, and VR mode is also available on your phone, so you can use gyroscope and enjoy this trip.
Commercial offer of Merkadom agency: tutaj

„Culture in range 2.0” project

Within the Culture in range 2.0 program in January 2020 we signed a contract with Województwo Kujawsko-Pomorskie to provide virtual walks in 17 cultural places of the area. Due to this project we had a pleasure to visit museums in Włocławek, Brodnica and Bydgoszcz.  This project is being completed according to tender regulations and the final effects are available on our website.

Bellow you can find links to first projects:

Młyńska 12

We’ve made interactive tour for Młyńska 12. They are great conference and restaurant facilities, and thanks to our technology and a guide during the trip we are able to find the most important advantages of this place. This is one of our latest projects and due to that the quality is at the highest level. Of course this trip is also available on your mobile phone, by web browser.

Enjoy your trip.

Real Estate presentation – NY Home

We have made interactive virtual tour for a real estate agency in New Jersey. (NY)

It was a great challenge for us, since apart from standard presentation of the property, we also created scenario with a small storytelling. Thanks to that our visitors get familiar with all the spaces and the story of the house’s owner. In this presentation we use our main advantage, a tour guide. Thanks to that Veronica tells you more about the house and its main features. There are also a lot of programmed scenes, due to which you don’t miss any of important details.

We are inviting You to visit this amazing place.

Eilat city – Israel


In principle, the presentation is intended to promote the city and show the greatest tourist assets.

Presentation can be used online and at any event that promotes that beautiful and warm city. It does fit perfectly with VR goggles and on a touch screen.

This project contains a lot of very interesting “living” scenes, such as the dolphins – one of the most interesting attractions in the city, theatre performance or beautiful hotel fountains.

The whole presentation contains many promotional materials which were previously completed, for example:

  • A film promoting the city in the starting scene
  • Films shown on a TV screen in a hotel room
  • A performance in a theatre

To make presentation even more attractive, a lot of interactive elements appeared (changing the part of day, turning on and off the light in room, etc.)

Squad Whisky

A high-quality presentation of the Whisky store. Our innovative presentation contains a guide who tells about the most important aspects of this store, presenting all its features. We will also find there many moving elements and places with interaction. Surprise awaits us in VIP room.

KKS Lech Poznań – Business zone

This presentation shows all premium zones on INEA stadium. By interactive trip we show all necessary information. About zones, their services and possibilities. We also show the emotions accompanying each meeting.

Regatta Hotel

A simple presentation of a hotel located nearby Pozen.