How VR is made?

Creation of each interactive presentation is preceded by determining the client's vision and the elements he wants to show. Building on this we create an interactive scenario, plan interesting 360° shots, decide on real-time interactions and recordings of guide's remarks. We use professional equipment to ensure high quality of materials which are then used in the presentation. Photorealistic panoramas and narrator in the presentation produce very strong and attractive message for the viewer.


A demo of interactive presentation in virtual reality is now available for our clients. It includes a description of our technology, comparison with competitors and main areas of application of our product, such as: tourism, real-estate, culture and business (show room). Take a look at the full version of demo available on the left.

NewmediaVR key features

Presentation with tour guide

The key feature of our presentations. Presence of a person in presentation makes the project very appealing – a guide discussing the most important elements and interacting with the viewer makes the whole project very interesting. It is also possible to record voice-over in different languages to get far bigger, international reach of our presentation.

Live panoramas

Apart from the guide, also moving elements are very important in presentation as they boost the project’s attractiveness and further enhance the user experience. Examples of live panoramas include, among other things, burning fireplace or an operating fountain.

Interactions with environment

This functionality enables the viewer to interact on demand, e.g. light the fire in a fireplace, pull down the blinds or open a wardrobe, The function works great for presentations of products in show room.


Our technology is ideal for storytelling. Guides in presentation allow us to create a story while additional options selected by the viewer offer different endings. Take a look at NYhome project.

VR mode

All our projects support VR mode which means you can enjoy the presentation in VR mode with your own mobile phone. Use cardboard goggles to turn your mobile phone into virtual goggles and enhance your experience. Cardboard goggles are also perfect as a gift, e.g. at the events held during fairs.

Off-line mode

The newest version of our projects enables work in off-line mode. This allows users to download their project or other presentations and run it off-line without data transfer during their trips to fairs.