New media VR provides the newest, most innovative solutions for your product promotions and services, like tourism market.

We are proud of being the first company that presents „living” panoramas. NMVR creates high quality panoramas, using technology oh HRD, ambient and chosen part of panorama is moving, „alive”.

Our technology also allows to put a person, who can guide through every presented location. We can also add endless amount of interactive points. From adding PDF files with video, to the directional sound. Our presentation can also take form of a website and goggle VR shows.

A large amount of interaction and an extensive menu is ideal for conducting shows or conferences presenting a new product, process or service.

Benefits of use / Features

  • Virtual reality is the strongest form of communication.
  • Effective memorization not only on the senses of sight and hearing but also on dimensional perception.
  • Attractiveness powered intensified by movement and interaction.
  • Innovative approach will help you to stand out from the competition.
  • A sense of credibility given by photorealism.
  • Flexibility in use thanks to multi-platform technology.



directional sound

live panoramas

many presentations in one

panoramic photos

optional interaction

Example of functions:


Promotion of tourist regions

Promotion of hotels (tourist attractions)

Promotion of innovative projects, documentation etc.

Marketing and advertising

Forms of presentation.


Promotion and presentation of product or service on your own website and partner websites.

Gogle VR

Transfer your client to any place, a tool for traders.

Touch screen

Direct presentation, Fair, Salons.



Branded cardboard goggles instead of leaflets.


Idea for trade fair stand, a position in a showroom.